Good to Know About Mombasa

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Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and a sea port. Tourist flood to the city in search of the amiable tropical climate and the adventurous activities associated with it. The diverse marine life and friendly surroundings make it very popular among the foreign travellers. Mombasa has an influence of Portuguese, Arab and English culture, and showcases various artefacts of its history. Mombasa's culture shows a rich blend of different cultures and ethnic flavours.

Top 3 Things to Do:

  1. Beach life: The place is best known for its tropical climate throughout the year, giving tourists, an opportunity to enjoy a number of beaches and its scenic beauty.
  2. Kinazini Funzi Dhow Safaris: An adventurous experience of wildlife, rich mangroves and an opportunity to bathe in the sandbanks in Indian Ocean, with exotic seafood served on the Island itself.
  3. Mombasa Tusks: These magnificent tusks are actually made of aluminium and decorate the entrance to the city. These artefacts are formed in beautiful dual archways on the roadsides creating a 'M' shape.

Top 3 Places to Stay:

  1. Lambada Holiday Resort: One of the most popular resorts in Mombasa. It offers all the modern amenities to its guests and costs between USD 25-50 per person per night.
  2. Villa Annchen: It is a special place if you look for a private surrounding. It also hosts a big natural stone pool, making it an exotic place for tourists.
  3. Tulia Backpackers: If you are looking for a true adventure then this might be the place for you. It has become the most popular choice of backpackers in Kenya.